Friday, May 13, 2011

23 Reasons Why YOU Should Become a Missionary

#1 Because God will not leave dumb idols to steal his praise! (Isa 42.8)

#2 Because God will not allow the usurper Satan to keep reigning (Gen 3.15; 1Jn 3.8), but Christ has bound him & is plundering his kingdom (Mt 12.28,29).

#3 Because the Father loves his Son so much, that he honors him with an inheritance of men from all peoples (Psa 2.7,8; Jn 6.37; 17.6).

#4 Because God, who cannot lie, promised to bless all people groups through the Messiah, the Son of Abraham (Gen 12.1-3).

#5 Because when we multiply believers we multiply God’s praise (Psa 96).

#6 Because one people group is too small a chorus to sing the praises of our God; He will fill the earth with his glory, and all peoples with his praise (Isa 49.6).

#7 Because Christ has already paid the price for men of every family on earth; they are his! (Jn 12.32; 1Jn 2.2)

#8 Because the end is certain: God shall be praised by all peoples (Rev 7.9,10; 5.9,10).

#9 Because, to this end, God gave all authority to the resurrected Man Jesus Christ (Mt 28.19,20; Acts 5.31), making him the Lord & only Savior of men from every
people group (1Ti 2.5).

#10 Because, to this end, God gave the Holy Spirit to his people (Acts 1.8), that they would be equipped to proclaim Christ to the ends of the earth.

#11 Because Christ has sent us all into the world & he fills the earth with his Kingdom through us, just as the Father sent Him into the world to take dominion over it all (Jn 20.21; 17.15-18).

#12 Because God prepared from all eternity for us to do this work (Eph 2.10).

#13 Because we are all slaves of Christ, and compelled by his great love for us to proclaim his greatness to others (2Co 5.14,15).

#14 Because, by proclaiming the Gospel and reclaiming Lost Sheep, we fill heaven with joy, more than 99 Christians sitting in church (Lk 15.7).

#15 Because there are other Sheep that Christ will bring to himself (Jn 10.14-16); and he will make one Sheepfold of all peoples, and Christ himself will be our One Shepherd (Isa 40.9-11; Eze 34.11-16,22-31).

#16 Because the Body of Christ will not be complete without the others, who've not yet come (Heb 11.40).

#17 Because our message really is Good News that speaks to the hearts of all men, and their lives (Lk 2.10,11,30-32).

#18 Because without Christ, our brothers & sisters according to the flesh will perish (Rom 9.1-3).

#19 For the joy of remitting sins (Jn 20.21-23), and defeating Satan (Mt 12.28,29).

#20 For the joy of bringing the Good News to a people who’ve never heard of Jesus.

#21 For the joy of working together with God in his great work (1Co 3.5-9).

#22 Because investments in his Kingdom now, pay unimaginable dividends when Christ returns (Lk 16.1-12; 19.17; Mt 19.28,29).

#23 Because your time is short! (Jam 4.14; Psa 103.15,16) What will your life count?

(thanks to Michael Pfleegor, missionary appointee with World Team. To help his cause, contact him at

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